NGO capacity building program 2013
Open call for participation in workshop organized by ModusVivend and City of Belgrade's Agency for European Integrations and Cooperation with Civil Society. More

September 2012
Management center Modus Vivendi, strongly suggest to view 20 Must-See Business TED Talks.

Doing business in SEE
Doing business published edition about condition for doing business in South East Europe for year 2011. Find more on page links/publications.

Januray-August 2011
Find more about current activities and projects that we are working on.Visit news

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May 2010

MV publication on the three types of netwoking. Find more on links/publications.

February 2010
Kick off meeting for all stakeholders involved in project "Sustainable tourism for Rural Development" has been facilitated by Modus Vivendi. read more

January 2010

Modus Vivendi wishes happy and sucesfull 2010. to all it friends and present and future businees partners!

November 2009

Seminar of informal group of Serbian facilitators and their partners from International association of Facilitators (IAF) has been held. read more

October 2009
Pro programme workshop "How to stimulate employment in Serbia" has been facilitated by ModusVivendi. read more

September 2009
New web presentation
placed on internet.

August-September 2009
Second workshop for the
project of candidate selection
took place in Belgrade.

Management Center Modus Vivendi is the organization that gathers experts who provide help and support in application of principles, techniques and tools of contemporary management, in all fields of the work through training, coaching, sharing knowledge and best practice examples in Serbia, region of South East Europe and wider.


The center was established in 2003, with headquarter in Belgrade, Serbia.


Long term strategy of Modus Vivendi, is that through different sustainable projects achieve in fulfilling it's mission and vision and makes efforts in overall social and business progress, with focus on:

- Stimulating application of research results in the field of management and best practices (best examples) in the domestic business practice and in the educative process,

- Providing constancy services in the field of management and modern way of "doing businesses"

- Participating in all forms of social life, particularly in those segments related to improving of the quality of life and work by applying modern management methods and techniques,

- Organizing lectures/seminars given by leading international professionals in the field of management,

- Collaboration with schools, universities, institutes and other education entities and individuals, influencing the creation of curriculums and education plans at all levels of the education and professional development process,

- Cooperation with international associations and institutions in the field of management, publishing of printed and other forms of educative and marketing materials tackling management issues.